The SEIKO spring has built the real product in the field of various measuring instrument and electronic devices as a manufacture/sales maker of a hairspring since foundation in 1964.In manufacture of a difficult hairspring,full automation has established the high quality and the high precision which harnessed old know-how.It replies to the needs of the visitor in the world from three bases in Japan , China and Bangladesh as a craftsmanship company which can trust it.

Manufacture and sell the hairspring

Our company manufacture and sell the highly precise and high-density hairspring used for various measuring instruments and an electronic device. we correspond our company standardized goods also to variety handling and a custom-made item.

1.Trust and results
Trust and results.Since foundation, the pursuit about the quality of a hairspring has been continued and the reliance as a domestic leading hairspring manufacture maker has been gained. It strives for improvement in quality from now on to always correspond also to the precision machinery industry which becomes advanced.
Trust and results
2.jig for hairspring
jig for hairspring.After understanding completely the specification for which a product is asked,Our company have realized high quality by carrying out proprietary of the jig used for manufacture.
jig for hairspring
3.hairspring can not be automated
hairspring can not be automated.Also globally there is no example which manufactured the hairspring with the automated machine, and each has a handmade element even now.Therefore, accuracy is dependent on a craftsman's "work".By the SEIKO spring, "the craftsman's work" by the craftsman who has gained experience for years is realizing and maintaining high precision.
hairspring can not be automated.
4.Quality control
Quality control.Much more quality is required of the part of the machine which measures accuracy.Therefore,in manufacture of the parts used for a measuring instrument,quality control is put more into practice,and we are maintaining high accuracy.
Quality control

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